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Shareholder Agreements

If you are a in a company, be it a majority or minority stake, then you may wish to enter into a shareholders agreement along with your fellow shareholders.

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    A shareholders agreement allows the shareholders of a company to vary the usual rules that apply to them and can be used to cover companies in a wide array of circumstances.

    We have been advising people and business’ in relation to shareholder agreements for generations throughout Ormskirk, Burscough, Southport, Mawdesley, Wigan, Skelmersdale, Parbold and across Lancashire and Merseyside. Our specialist commercial and corporate solicitors will be able to help you with preparing a shareholder agreement and advising you in relation to an existing agreement.

    A shareholders agreement will often cover the following issues:

    • Voting arrangements
    • Issue of new shares
    • Transfer of existing shares
    • Rights to appoint directors
    • Dispute resolution

    The above list is merely an example of many of the most common issues covered in a well drafted shareholders agreement. We have years of experience of advising shareholders on such agreements and can advise you on the issues involved. Shareholders agreements are useful tools in governing the relationship and interaction between shareholders and we would strongly advise that professional legal advice is obtained before you enter into such an agreement.

    If you would like to discuss shareholder agreements further please email George Mushahwar or call him on 01695 574 201

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