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Buying or selling a dental practice in the UK, is often a complicated process involving a number of parties and professionals.

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    Selling A Dental Practice

    In relation to mainly private practice sales, one of the most important things to consider is the kind of practice that you actually have. A key indicator that a dental solicitor is experienced with selling dental practices will be whether they ask you about your practice in terms of the services you provide.  When selling an NHS dental practice the sale will throw up radically different issues in comparison to a sale of a private dental practice.

    A further key part of selling a dental practice is dealing effectively with the property. The terms and structure of the sale will vary depending on whether the premises are freehold or leasehold and whether the consent of a third party may be required in order to achieve the transfer.

    There may be easements or restrictive covenants which need to be dealt with or you may wish to keep the property and grant a commercial lease to the Buyer rather than selling the freehold to them. These are all issues we can advise you on.

    Buying A Dental Practice

    In relation to buying a dental practice in the UK, we can advise on all aspects of the practice purchase including due diligence, drafting the contract, arranging the property transfer and advising on the post completion matters that might arise.

    As with a sale, property issues will usually make up a large part of the time spent on a dental practice purchase. Whether assigning an existing lease, granting a new lease or buying a freehold property, we can help with these aspects of the purchase. There will be property-specific due diligence and additional documentation will have to be drafted. If you are buying leasehold premises then there will usually be third parties such as the landlord and his/her solicitors for us to liaise with.

    We have acted for many clients across Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester in relation to dental practice sales and purchases and if you would like to speak to one of our partners about the matter, please call David Lunn on 01695 574 201 or email him by clicking here.

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