Court of Protection

The Court of Protection is a specialist court that deals with matters relating to those individuals who do not have the mental capacity to manage their affairs themselves. This could be because of an injury, the onset of illness or for other reasons.

Our Court of Protection solicitors have been advising the people of West Lancashire and its surrounding areas for over 200 years, in relation to all options that are available to them via the Court of Protection. With a highly qualified legal team and a wealth of experience advising on issues such as Court of Protection costs, we’re ideally equipped to support you.

There comes a time in some families where certain family members are no longer in a position to look after their own financial affairs, property and other assets as a result of diminished mental capacity. In these circumstances, it is important that their legal and financial interests are looked after accordingly.

Dickinson Parker Hill has the ideal legal team in place to help you to support your loved one, by assisting you in making an Application to the Court of Protection if that person does not have a Lasting Power of Attorney or an Enduring Power of Attorney, establishing the process of gaining access to their assets in order to look after their wellbeing. Our Court of Protection solicitors are in a position to help you with a wide range of issues, including those individuals:

  • Responsible for the management of another person’s financial affairs
  • Concerned about your own mental capacity with regards to looking after your own affairs
  • Concerned about the ability of someone else who is in charge of managing your affairs
  • Concerned that someone else does not have the ability to manage another person’s affairs
  • Suffering a dispute with relation to someone else’s ability to make decisions for themselves
  • Suffering a dispute with relation to social care, care home planning or medical treatment for another person

Primarily, the Court of Protection deals with applications from those who wish to be appointed to act on behalf of an individual who cannot manage their own affairs by virtue of mental incapacity. The court would appoint an individual as ‘Deputy’ and there are two kinds:

  • Property & Financial Affairs: This type of Deputy would primarily deal with financial matters and matters relating to property
  • Health & Welfare: This type of Deputy would primarily deal with matters relating to the health and welfare of the person who is no longer able to make decisions for themselves

Anybody appointed as a Deputy must have regard to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and must always act in the best interest of those they have been appointed for.

Our team of Court of Protection solicitors can advise on the application procedure to be appointed as Deputy for somebody else, as well as the ongoing requirements once a Deputy has been appointed and the options available to a Deputy once they have been appointed.

We can also act as a Professional Deputy for an individual who no longer has the mental capacity to manage his or her own affairs. We have previously acted on behalf of clients including individuals, families, local authorities and charities in this respect. 

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We have been advising the people of Ormskirk, Skelmersdale, Wigan, Parbold, Burscough, Formby, Southport and throughout Lancashire, Merseyside and nationwide for generations in relation to Court of Protection matters. We can help you appoint a deputy, apply for lasting powers of attorney or enduring powers of attorney, put together statutory wills and create asset protection trusts, provide for your children through personal injury trusts and help alleviate the problems associated with disputes relating to Court of Protection.

For those of you seeking information regarding Court of Protection, you are in the right place. DPH Law has experts in the field that can help you find out everything you need to know, putting your mind at ease and acting on your behalf where necessary in a professional and effective manner.

Hiring Court of Protection solicitors that care about your wellbeing is important, and our team can deliver above and beyond to you.  To find out more you can contact us via email or by calling 01695 574 201 and a friendly member of our team will be happy to offer expert advice and guidance, and arrange a consultation at a suitable time for you. 

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