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Break Clauses – Landlords &Tenants Beware!

Break Clauses – Landlords &Tenants Beware! Most modern commercial property leases include a clause which gives the tenant the right to end the lease before the expiry of the…

Commercial Leases - A Short Guide

Entering into a lease for commercial promises can be a daunting prospect for any continuing or start-up business. There are many things to think about and here at Dickinson Parker…

Cohabiting Couples: What Are Your Rights?

More and more couples in the UK are choosing to cohabit, rather than getting married or entering a civil partnership. Therefore, many more people are going to need to be aware…

Co-Executors & Disputes

The office of Executor is an important one that carries a significant amount of responsibility.  For this reason, appointing more than one to act together is a common approach.…

5 Steps to Protect Your Will From Being Challenged

It is becoming more common for disputes to arise concerning wills and more and more of these type of disputes are ending up before the courts. This can be incredibly distressing…

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