A Day in the life of…

Our Trainee Solicitor, Peter Caffrey, sets out how he is enjoying his training contract at Dickinson Parker Hill and how he is enjoying working in a busy environment.

Peter Caffrey – Trainee Solicitor at Dickinson Parker Hill

Peter Caffrey

The most appealing prospect about working at Dickinson Parker Hill was the history of the firm, the connection it has with the local area and the enviable reputation it has for quality, friendly, forthright service.

Being the sole trainee at Dickinson Parker Hill has meant that I have had a great deal of exposure to clients and a wide variety of work from day one. Whilst my training contract has predominantly involved non-contentious private client work such as Wills and Probate; the general practice nature of the firm means that I also undertake litigious matters involving housing, debt recovery and property disputes; along with assisting our senior partner with matters of family law.

What really drives me, is seeing a matter progress from start to finish. There is a real sense of accomplishment knowing that you have had a positive impact on a client’s life, whether that be a client who is anxious about making a will or a landlord who has experienced a troublesome tenant and is seeking to regain possession of their property.

The difficulty about being a trainee in general practice is that owing to the variety in your day-to-day work you can occasionally be put on the spot, either by a client or third party solicitor, on an issue that you aren’t completely familiar with or certain about. Understandably, clients can often be anxious and stressed; however in my experience, communication is key and so long as they are regularly updated, clients are usually much more understanding if a little research needs to be undertaken.